Did you lost your keys somewhere?
Did you close your door and left the keys inside?
You still have your keys but the lock does not open?

No panick, just call one of those numbers and we come to help you:
0472 64 04 94
0477 50 92 38

You got a problem with you lock? 
Than you are on the right adres. We come to your home to fix it.

Anti-burglary prevention

For anti-burglary prevention you are on the right adress. Herefor a technician will come to your house and looks at the whole situation of your doors and windows. So you get a total honest and correct advice for your home. Following you can fetch your price in our shop where everything will be explained. When you approve, we will be able to performe this job. Now you can leave your home peacefully.
Do you want an appointment?

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