About Besa

Besa, lockspecialist, is a wholesaler in locks and hardware. 

We are specialized in delivery of cylindres, locks, keys and diffrent other products for on and around doors. On account of our ever-growing stock, we can offer the best service. This allows us to avoid long waiting times.

We also distribute our own line in security hardware. These security products are availibel in diffrent colors and materials: aluminium (F1, white, braun, black), stainless steel, brass, bronze, tin. Here you have the choice between with or without cylinderprotector. Also the shape can be diffrent: round or straight. The outside plates and the inside plates are separate orderable, that's why we have so many combinations. For example: round outside with straight form inside or white outside and brass inside, ... With the result of numerous combinations. In addition we also have our specials. So we can find a solution for every problem.

In cylinders we are real professionals, all in our own management. We assemble ourselves these cylinders and also cut the keys. On this account we can deliver fast and with quality service and after sales service. Also in keysystems we are experts. We compose these together with the customer: from draft to calculation until realisation. Also the placement is an option. And all this with a short deliverytime. 

More information about keysystems you can find unter keysystems.

For anti-burglarprevention you are on the right adress. Herefor one of our technicians comes to your home and oversees the situation of your doors and windows. Afterwarts you get an honest and correct advice for mechanical security. 

More information about anti-burglarprevention you find unter intervention.

Wenn you have more questions, don't hessitate to contact us:

Telefone : 0032 13 67 29 34 - 0032 13 22 90 48
Fax :        0032 13 67 75 59

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