What does Besa do?

In cylinders we are professionals, we do this all in own control. We assemble our cylinders and cut ourselves these keys. That's the reason why we deliver fast and can give quality and service.

Besa is also specialized in keysystems. We compose these together with the customer: from draft to calculation until realisation. We also can organise the placement. And all this within a short deliverytime.

What is a keysystem?

A keysystem is a system in which the accesspermissions are given by the owner. So you defie yourselve who can open each door.

There are different systems.

Masterkey system: here the masterkey can open all doors, all other keys just open one individual door.

Central masterkey system: here more keys open the same door. For example in a flat every inhabitant opens the main door with his own key and also the door of his flat without opening the door of his neighbours.

General masterkey system: here the masterkey can open all doors, the following key opens a group of doors, the last key opens just one door. All this will be according the provided plan. This plan can be different for each customer according his personal wishes.

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